Every child deserves quality Education

Family socio-economic background and place of birth predict education and life outcome of many children in Tanzania. Today, grade 3-7 pupils in marginalized communities are14% behind I numeracy and literacy skills compared to their urban counterparts. With these children denied access to quality education and those unable to perfume basic skills, Tanzania has a major crisis on its hands. Our education is failing out children in underserved communities unless drastic measures are taken.

In Tanzania school going children often do not achieve foundational learning outcomes such as literacy, numeracy and life skills, which determine future performance.

Reading and Understanding Story Book

 87% of grade three pupils cannot read and understand grade two English story book.

44% of grade three pupils cannot read and understand a grade two Swahili story book

65% of grade three pupils cannot do a grade two Mathematics problem.

Schools Enrollment

In Tanzania,about 2 million children aged 7-13 are out of school.

70% of children aged 14-17 are not enrolled in secondary schools.