Job Vacancy: Head of Recruitment Selection, Matriculation and Marketing Strategy

Title: Head of Recruitment Selection, Matriculation and Marketing Strategy
Reporting to: CEO
Start Date: Immediately
Employment Type: Full-time
Location: Based in Mara region.
Contract: Two-years renewable (one year for short time contract)

About Teach For Tanzania
Teach For Tanzania (TFT) is a social organization seeking to build a network of committed
leaders with a shared purpose to expand educational opportunities to all Tanzanian children. We
recruit outstanding Tanzanian graduates and place them to teach in underserved communities for
two-year fellowship after passing rigorous selection process. TFT fellowship program equip
fellows with fundamentals of teaching, leadership skills and mindsets to become exceptional
teacher-leaders to drive positive change in the schools and communities they serve. After two
years, alumni take diverse roles in and outside the education system channeling their efforts to
end educational inequity in Tanzania.
Position Summary
Teach For Tanzania is looking for a highly motivated, goal-oriented leader who excels in a
fast-paced, results driven environment to organize and lead recruitment, selection and
matriculation initiatives. RSM Director must strive towards achieving our recruitment goal of
attracting most qualified fellows to apply and join into our teaching fellowship and leadership
program. RSM Director is responsible for building reputable relationships and partnerships with
universities and other stakeholders. He/she must be able to develop sales and marketing skills in
order to compel top candidates to apply to TFT fellowship program.
Primary Roles and Responsibilities
1. Recruitment
★ Developing and executing a strong recruitment strategic plan with clear strategies to
meet ambitious applicant targets
★ Conducting market research and focus groups to refine these strategies
★ Identify, cultivate and influence outstanding graduates to apply to and join Teach For
Building network of committed leaders with shared purpose to unleash children’s potential
★ Conducting 1-1 meetings with promising candidates to inform and inspire them about
TFT and apply
★ Build and maintain relationships with universities, student leaders, administrators, faculty
members, career service representatives, advisors, and other key gatekeepers to help
execute an effective recruitment campaign
★ Developing social media strategy, creating TFT posters/branding materials to support
recruitment strategies
★ Implement and track recruitment strategies designed to increase mass visibility on and off
★ Drive ongoing quantitative and qualitative analyses of recruitment process that will inform
decision-making at every level
2. Selection & Matriculation
★ Overseeing the implementation of an online application and tracking system
★ Overseeing the execution of the selection process from application through to school
★ Designing and planning of assessment centers, and supervise assessment process at
the assessment centers and manage selection outcomes
★ Develop and manage strategies for quality control on selection decisions. Utilize data to
ensure the team is using rigorous logic in all decision-making to maintain high levels of
integrity in our selection process
Abilities and Competencies:
Commitment to Excellence: Head of RSM should demonstrate a commitment to work and strive
to deliver the best possible results. He/she will always be looking for opportunities to improve
recruitment and selection, generate ideas for streamlining processes and thoroughly check
Big-picture thinking: Ability to see how candidates can fit into TFT fellowship program, the
potential value they can bring, or even knowing where high potential candidates can be found and
how to attract them to apply and join. Moreover, keeping an eye on future tools, technology, and
best practices and knowing what is coming down the pipeline will keep our program well versed
and competitive in a tough talent market.
Building network of committed leaders with shared purpose to unleash children’s potential
Strategic Management: Ability to coordinate all operations from recruitment throughout
placement, achieve and maintain an advantage over the applicants competition. RSM Director
should review multiple strategies on recruitment, regularly evaluate selection process, data and
systems to make informed decisions.
Skill To Communicate, Attitude To Win: TFT RSM Director should show knowledge and
interest in his/her work, has a keen desire to learn and demonstrates this through past
endeavors. Must have a positive attitude, outstanding communication skills, and a strength in
interaction with people of different caliber.
Relationship Builder: Takes a genuine interest in people, listens well, inspires and persuades
graduates to apply and join Teach For Tanzania fellowship program. Past success managing
teams to achieve ambitious results is a plus.
Passion: Ardently believes in the value great recruiting brings to TFT, enjoys helping TFT
achieve its goals, is committed to integrity and the ethics of the profession.
Flexibility: Adjusts easily to change, learns quickly, and understands how market research
impacts recruitment and selection processes.
Academic Qualification and Experiences
● Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree
● Previous experience working in development/education (preferred)
Salary is attractive and commensurate with experience.
Location is Bunda, Tanzania. Open to both Tanzanian and Non-Tanzanian citizens.
Application Process
Please email your resume and a one-page cover letter to
Your cover letter should be no longer than one page.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. For more information about Teach For Tanzania,
visit our blog page at

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