We’re investing in young generation to transform Society

In order to address the complex and interconnected challenges of education inequity in Tanzania, we need many more local leaders pioneering many solutions and working together at all levels in schools, in government and communities.

Teach For Tanzania’s bold vision relies on the idea that by harnessing our nation’s most promising recent graduates and immersing them in a rigorous training, mentorship and support, and placing them in underserved communities in a two-year full-time teaching experience, they will emerge as effective teachers, school heads, and well-rounded leaders who possess grit, resilience, determination and a sense of possibility to go on to transform their nation’s education system as alumni leaders working in the private and public sectors.


One day every Tanzanian child will attain quality education irrespective of their socio-economic circumstances.


Building a network of committed leaders with a shared purpose to unleash children’s potential.


Lifelong Learning,People Centered,Sense of Possibility,Locally Rooted,Globally Informed

Teach For Tanzania Fellowship Program  

Teach For Tanzania Fellowship is a leadership development program designed for young graduates to serve as full-time teachers in underserved schools with high need of teachers for two years. This is an opportunity to grow their leadership skills while impacting life and learning outcomes of children in and beyond classrooms.
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