Trends and Situation of Education in Tanzania

Tanzania’s vision for development projects that by 2025 the country has graduated to a middle income country, with a high level of human development. It envisions a nation filled with high quality livelihood; peace, stability, and unity; good governance; a competitive and sustainable economy; and a well educated and learning society. The later becoming the driving wheel for the country’s transformation. To this end, the government has strategically invested in primary education, among other levels, by providing free education, teacher training and school supplies, aimed at improving the standard and quality of schools and education in general.

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Tanzania Education Challenges

In Tanzania, school going children often do not achieve foundational learning outcomes such as literacy, numeracy and life skills, which determine future performance.

Our Core Values


We believe in constant learning, therefore we embrace our leaders
in taking bold actions that create lasting systemic change within and outside the education sector to benefit all Tanzanian children.


We keep the students and communities that we serve at the forefront of our work, and we thoughtfully and responsibly steward the experiences of the extraordinary Tanzanian fellows for systemic change


We hope that Tanzania’s most talented leaders can solve educational challenges. At the same time, we hope they will be open, honest, and direct about the current problems in the communities and channel their actions in addressing those challenges


We value the enormous assets in the communities where we work, immerse ourselves in local perspectives, needs and opportunities, and work in deep partnership with students, families, educators, and community members—all while also seeking to build our understanding of what is
possible based on insights from outside of our communities and nation at large

We Unleash Leaders Potential

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